Canadian Shield Redux

I recently saw this watercolor painting, done many years ago by me, hanging in the bedroom of Jacob and Shawna. I thought to myself that it was a pretty good painting and further thought that I might explore that composition in the media that I use now. So, for the Beaches JazzFest Show at Liz’s Studio 888 this year, called to celebrate 150 years of Canada, I set out to re-examine the “Canadian Shield”!

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Imprints: India, the Seeds of Desire …

“Would you like to go on the India trip?”

That was the question two years ago that set in motion all the talks I had with myself. Yes, I’m interested. Yes, I’m curious. Could I take the time (19 days)? Can I afford the expenses? What about my Westie, Teddy? Who else is on the trip? Who would share a room with me? Is the trip well organized? Could I be away from my husband that long? … To see the answers to these questions and the image that tipped the scales, please read more. Continue reading

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2359 Queen Street East in the Beaches

2359 Queen Street East
in the Beaches

The Phoenix is indeed rising … !

The indefatigable Liz Russ has succeeded again in creating a unique and charming multipurpose environment for producing, showing and supporting fine art.

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Imprint: The Tangled Web in Old Delhi

IMG_0275One of the requisite tourist events in Old Delhi is to take a bicycle rickshaw ride through the alleys and warrens of one of the oldest bazaars in India, the Chandani Chowk. Originally conceived for the veiled ladies of the 1650s and constructed with a canal reflecting the moonlight by the daughter of the great Mogul Emperor, Shah Jahan, himself, this market place is now a captivating and frightening experience.

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Imprint: The Dabbawallas of Mumbai

(Photo by Laird)

(Photo by Laird)

Take a good look at this man! He’s wearing the requisite white topi hat. He’s happy and confident. … He is most likely what we would consider poor and he probably does not read or write; yet, he functions as part of a very well-oiled machine that feeds the workers of Mumbai in the world’s most ingenious food delivery system. A hot, home cooked meal prepared by a loved one is brought to an office worker or student by this man. He is proud. And, he’s proud to be a Dabbawalla!

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Imprint: Sanctified by FLOWERS in India

First Garland in Mumbai

First Garland in Mumbai

One of the most outstanding sensations one experiences in India is the overwhelming assault of color! Part of those sensations is provided by the omnipresent awareness of … BLOSSOMS!

They are bright and deep. They are fragrant. And, they are tactile. You are constantly in physical contact with them. They are all around you,  everywhere!

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Strange Day at the Taj Mahal

IMG_0845 A once in a lifetime experience is to witness the glory of the Taj Mahal !

As seen in this photo posted by Deepa Krishnan on her wonderful website: Mumbai Magic, to her Facebook page, this is the image I expected to see since grade 6 when I lovingly drew the Taj Mahal as part of my social studies project on India, thus establishing the deep seeded longing I’ve had to visit this site. If you would like to see my actual view of the Taj when I got to Agra, Please read on:

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